Learning English for children: Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

Each ILA Super Juniors level has a carefully constructed curriculum which takes into account the age and competencies of the students.

The core curriculum covers the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, with a strong emphasis on speaking and listening. Grammar and vocabulary are integrated into the curriculum and students learn correct usage through fun and inspiring activities and real-life situations that are relevant to this age group.

The native English-speaking teacher helps students speak with natural pronunciation. ILA incorporates the latest language learning technologies, equipment and resources into this programme including:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Handheld devices [iPads, tablets, etc]
  • Interactive language learning gaming
  • Internet, music and video

All classes are taught in English. The teacher takes a communicative teaching approach in the classroom, engaging students in the learning process through a wide variety of fun and exciting activities and exercises, including and involving:

  • Songs & rhyme
  • Group work
  • Story telling
  • Team oriented activities
  • Problem solving
  • Imaginative projects
  • Creative thinking exercises

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